About Me

Hi! My name is Geoff Samuel. I am currently a Motion Capture Pipeline Developer for Weta Digital in Wellington, New Zealand where I work on supporting and enhancing the Motion Capture Pipelines.

I believe that my animation background has given me a unique perspective on computer graphics, having worked closely with artists and understanding their needs and workflows, I can better develop tools to speed up the artist workflow, while still meeting the Technical Director’s specifications. For this end, I have developed my programming skills to allow me to better accommodate and anticipate problems and workflow issues.

In the 3 years of university, I have been part of the student run Motion Capture team responsible for capturing motion for student and research projects. For the last year I have been running the motion capture team as well as researching and developing tools and plug-ins to help speed up our pipeline.

My main passion for working in 3d has been trying to combine live action and visual effects, specifically as Technical Director. For this reason my specialities including working and scripting particle systems, crowd simulation software (massive software & own software) and rigging. Over the years I have worked with many software packages including 3ds Max, XSI, Maya, Massive, Motion Builder, Vicon IQ and Houdini, but I specialise in 3ds Max and Motion Builder.

With over 10 years’ experience and learning 3ds Max, I have started to do my own tutorials to try and give back to the community that taught me, with tutorials in motion capture, visual effects, scripting and general pipeline techniques.

Through my years at University, I have been privileged enough to be selected to work at the international conference for film vfx and animation, the SIGGRAPH conference as a SIGGRAPH Student Volunteer. For the last two year I have volunteered at the SIGGRAPH conference as a Team Leader managing students under me.

Any questions, or suggestions, please email me at Info@GeoffSamuel.com

Geoff Samuel


Programming languages:

  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • MaxScript
  • MEL
  • HSL (Blade Scripting)
  • Bash
  • Bat


  • .net
  • Unit-Testing
  • COM
  • Qt
  • PyQt
  • GIT
  • SVN
  • Linux
  • Windows


  • Maya
  • Motion Builder
  • Nuke
  • RenderMan
  • Vicon Blade
  • Vicon IQ
  • 3ds Max
  • Eclipse
  • Massive

Released Titles and Projects

Released Titles and Projects to date:

Project Title Role Catagory Company
007 Legends Technical Motion Capture Animator Games Eurocom
Harry Potter for Kinect Technical Motion Capture Animator Games Eurocom
Wing Rider Computer Vision Expert Games Trap Door Interactive
BackBreaker Motion Caputer Specialist Games Audiomotion Studios
High School Bruisical Project Manager/ Technical Director Games Grammer Slammer
Hard Headlines Flash Programmer Games Determined Software
Killzone 2 Motion Caputer Specialist Games Audiomotion Studios
Puma: Until then Motion Caputer Specialist TV Ad Audiomotion Studios
Topspin 3 Motion Caputer Specialist Games Audiomotion Studios
Shellshock 2 Motion Caputer Specialist Games Audiomotion Studios