Maya Schematical View - Overview

Platform: Maya 2012, PyQt
Status: Released - V1

Maya schematical view is a light weight interface for showing all the objects within the current scene and how they are in the hierarchy.

This is the first plugin to use the new Nodal project, taking advantage of Py.Ndal for its interface.

How to Install and Use

To install and use the Maya Schematical View, you will need PyQt and Qt for maya 2012 installed on your computer. I have a tutorial for doing this under the tutorial section of my website.
You will need to extract both files, and need to edit the .PY file, chaning the path to the .UI file under the line:
uifile = 'G:/3D work/Python Scripts/Maya Schematical View/Maya_Schematical_View.ui'
Running the python script will open the tool.

Download link

Maya Schematical View for Maya 2012 can be downloaded from here.