Nodeal - Overview

Platform: Customer User Interface Control

Platform: .Net, C#
Status: Beta Testing

Nodeal is a customer User Interface element for use within the .net platform, and can be easily integrated into applications with a little effort from the design team.

Nodeal is developer friendly, and the API has been a priority throughout the development, allowing developers to quickly change, add and extend nodes widening the range of tasks they can be used for.

Obtaining a Licence

Currently Nodeal is a closed licence, meaning that if you wish to use Nodeal in your application, you will need to get in touch to discuss the project and the possibility of a partnership.
Please do not email me asking to give you Nodeal in either a compiled or non-compiled format. I will integrate Nodeal into your application if the partnership is agreed upon.

Interested parties should email

Nodeal in Action

Nodeal within Agent for Fuzzy Logical Brain Control

Nodeal within Graphical Math connecting nodes

Nodeal within Agent showing off complex rule generation

An Example Class

Below is an example of how to create a new node for Nodal within C#.

Here we create a new Add Node, with two inputs and a single output:

            //New Class, Inherating from the Base Node Class
            public class AddNode : Nodeal.Nodeal.Node
                public AddNode(): base("Add", Node_Types.Input_Output)
                    //The inputs the node take in and there names
                    string[] input = new string[2];
                    input[0] = "Number 1";
                    input[1] = "Number 2";

                    //What the node outputs and what it's called
                    string[] output = new string[1];
                    output[0] = "Output";
                    //Node type, used for creating them
                    this.NODE_TYPE_ID = "Add";
                    //assign the data to the new node to make the connections
                    this.NodeToInputOutput(input, output, Node_Types.Input_Output);
                //The function to tell nodeal what this node does
                public override void Calculate_Node()
                    //get the value from the first connecion
                    float A = this.InputNodeCollection[0].Getvalue();
                    //get the value from the second connection
                    float B = this.InputNodeCollection[1].Getvalue();
                    //set the output value
                    this.OutputNodeCollection[0].value = A + B;
                    //Passon the changes to the node linked to the output, 
                    //updating any changes affected by this.


Projects Using Nodeal

Currently there are 3 projects currently using the Nodeal Interface.

  • Agent - Crowd Control. Used in the creation of complex fuzzy logic rules, animation chains, and to randomly create the agents appearance..

  • Graphical Math. The Node interface is used as the main component to allow users to easy create complex mathematical and logical sets of instructions with ease.

  • Grass Compositor. Is a new project that has just recently been started. Nodeal is providing the Node based interface to be used on top of a 3D film quality rendering engine as well as an image processing library.
  As more projects are announced, they will be listed on here.