Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Trailer #3

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New Version of PyC3D

I have just pushed a new MAJOR version of PyC3D with much better compatibility for a wider range of c3d files from different companies. It can be downloaded from Download here . For more on the PyC3D project, check out it's project page here .

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Blade Random Methods Released!

Here I present methods for Vicon Blade to create random numbers with. Functionality that I think was sorely missing from Blade.

For more information, please checkout the project here

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pyMax Project gone live!

So my latest project is kind of a slow burner, embedding Python into 3ds max!
This is a natural progression for me, as I've been developing more and more python tools, I dont want to have to go back to C++ and port these libraries, so by embedding python in 3ds max, you can share libraries and tools across mulitple DCC applications with only a mapping for that particualr package!

It most likely it will take me the rest of the year to get to a "release" candidate as the bindings will be completely handled by hand, allowing for the best possible user experience, but if you would like to follow along, or even chip in an help me, please checkout the git repo at:

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C3D ToolKit for .net, Version 1.0 Released!

I am glad to release the C3D Toolkit, which is a C# version of the PyC3D library found here and allows for the loading and saving of motion point cloud data files into C# or any .net application.

There will be a 3ds Max plugin for this coming soon!

For more information, please check out the project page.
The source code can be found here

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Version 2.0 Rig Contol Maker Released!!

The Brand new and improved version of the rig Control Maker can be found here.

Version 2.x boosts a whole new UI, non-hardcoded shapes, and a management system to allow for multiple shape libraries with different shapes, and the ability to save and store custom shapes.

For the latest code for the Rig Control Maker, checkout the GIT repo at here.

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PyC3D Version 1.1 Released!

Just released my pure python C3D reading Library, which can be used to read C3D files into many different 3d applications such as Motion Builder, Blender and Maya.

PyC3D is a library for reading and writing to C3D files. These are point cloud data that usually is used to store Motion Capture Data.
As a pure python Library, it can be used across all python versions and platforms, and is easy enough to tie into your chosen application. It does have a plug-in for Maya, which can be found under the maya folder.

It can be found here.

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New PyQt Tutorial!

I've just released a new PyQt tutorial. In this small article I look at porting a C# project over into PyQt and show you just how easy it is, as well as how flexible the PyQt framework is in action.

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Rig Helper Script released!

The Rig Helper script is a small interface for Maya 2012 which allows for the easy creation of many common animation handle nodes for use in rigging and other animation constraints.

For more information check it out here

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Nodeal v1.0 is released!

Nodeal is a customer User Interface element for use within the .net platform, and can be easily integrated into applications with a little effort from the design team.

Nodeal is developer friendly, and the API has been a priority throughout the development, allowing developers to quickly change, add and extend nodes widening the range of tasks they can be used for.
See Nodeal in action through the Agent crowd system or more recently in the Graphical Math application where it received a serious makeover and optimization.

For more information please goto here

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C# tutorial for Painting on a Panel

Recently I took time out to start writing the start of a 3 part tutorial series, ending with the creation of a simple vector drawing package.
The first of this 3 part series is available now at or mirrored at

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Graphical Math is in public testing!

Graphical Math is now in public testing!
Graphical Math is a fresh new take on creating mathematic formulas, requiring little or no experience of math. The main feature of Graphical Math is its proprietary node based interface that allows "nodes" to be connected and therefore creating complex mathematical formals in an extremely natural way.

Graphical Math: Technical Preview from Black Shack Studios and Geoff Samuel on Vimeo.

For more infomation please goto

To download please goto

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Black Shack Stuidos - Shop Replacement Visual Effects Shot

My new Visual Effect company, Black Shack Studios, has released it's second shot, which is a shop replacement shop with a CG shop complete with CG pavement.
Expect to see more soon.

Shop Replacement Visual Effect Shot from Black Shack Studios on Vimeo.

For more infomation please goto

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Agent First Brain Video

We at Black Shack Studios have been busy working away on Agent - Crowd Control, and today we are pleased to be showing the first video of the Agent Brain, and how you can use it.

The Brain was a tricky area to do as our goal with agent is to allow for full use of the Agent plug-in without any code, so we chose to use a node based interface to allow users to describe how their agents work. To create a flexible brain, we developed apron the research of using agent vision to work out what the Agent will do, and choose a fuzzy based system to control this, but on top of this is a finite state machine to direct what fuzzy commands are being evaluated, making the process quicker and getting results faster.

Please check out our latest video "Agent - Teaching the Masses".

Agent - Teaching the Masses from Black Shack Studios on Vimeo.

More information can be found at here

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Research and Development Showreel 2011

Geoff Samuel - Research and Development Showreel 2011 from Geoff Samuel on Vimeo.

See larger version here.

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FaceMotion Technical Preview

FaceMotion is a facial tracking programme which allows users to track their facial movements using small markers on their face, and record with one a single camera.

FaceMotion is desinged to work with a head mouted camera, but it has the capabilites to record from a fixed camera and to stablize the face, allowing for a better track.

The difference about FaceMotion is that in employs a fuzzy logic system to convert the marker animation into a FACS type standard allowing for easier migration of the performers intent into other 3d modelling packages.

Here is a video on FaceMotion as it tracks a head for the facial preformance.

Tracking the Face from Geoff Samuel.

More information can be found at here

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Agent Preview Released

It is my honour to present my latest crowd simulator, Agent, and to publicly unveiled it.

Agent is designed to help ease some of the problems associated with the current methods of generating crowds and comes complete with powerful tools that enable the artist to create crowds and behaviours in a natural and friendly way, without need for any code.

Check out some of the features of Agent in the video “Agent – Generating the Masses” which covers the generation of agents, the skinning, rigging and tools available to empower the artist.

Agent - Generating the Masses from Geoff Samuel on Vimeo.

More information can be found at here

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Black Shack Stuidos - First released Visual Effect Shot

My new Visual Effect company, Black Shack Studios, has released it's first shot, the first of many.
Expect to see more soon.

Alley Wall Visual Effect Shot - Black Shack Studios.

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BIPPY v1.9 Released!

After 3 years of testing and developtment, I am proud to release version 1.9 of BIPPY, my bone's to Biped converter.
BIPPY has been subject to real-world piplines and as grown in the features it contains, allowing for the cross compatability between all versions of 3ds Max 2008 onwards.

Please check it out here.
A brief tutorial on its use and interface can be found here.

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Primal Carnage GDC Demo

Recently, the Primal Carange team released it's GDC demo, have a watch:

More to follow soon...

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Primal Carnage

I have recently taken up the role of Technical Director on the new game "Primal Carnage" currently being developed by LukeWarm Media.

Expect more news to follow soon...

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Latest Show reels

See larger version here.


Technical Director Show reel 2009

See larger version here.

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Prize Winning Dissertation

My Final year dissertation is now available online here for the work done with Gavin Wade's Game Engine Technology. More info can be found here.

The paper looks at designing and building a level editor within Autodesk 3ds Max for an industry level game engine, as well as testing out the results and the evolution processes that followed.

The paper won the 2009 University of Portsmouth's; Creative Technologies; Autodesk award for best use of 3ds Max.

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