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My name is Geoff Samuel; I am currently a Motion Capture Pipeline Developer for Weta Digital in New Zealand where I am work on the tools and applications sounding motion capture.

This web site is my online portfolio and a source of all the scripts and plug-ins I have written for Maya, 3ds Max and Motion Builder. As well as scripts and C++ projects there are video tutorials guiding you through scripting, motion capture and other visual effects tricks.

Feel free to check out all my latest projects and scripts.

Please don’t hesitate to email me about anything on this web site, at Info@GeoffSamuel.com


Geoff Samuel

Blade Random Methods Released!

Here I present methods for Vicon Blade to create random numbers with. Functionality that I think was sorely missing from Blade.

For more information, please checkout the project here

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pyMax Project gone live!

So my latest project is kind of a slow burner, embedding Python into 3ds max!
This is a natural progression for me, as I've been developing more and more python tools, I dont want to have to go back to C++ and port these libraries, so by embedding python in 3ds max, you can share libraries and tools across mulitple DCC applications with only a mapping for that particualr package!

It most likely it will take me the rest of the year to get to a "release" candidate as the bindings will be completely handled by hand, allowing for the best possible user experience, but if you would like to follow along, or even chip in an help me, please checkout the git repo at: https://bitbucket.org/geoffsamuel/pymax

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C3D ToolKit for .net, Version 1.0 Released!

I am glad to release the C3D Toolkit, which is a C# version of the PyC3D library found here and allows for the loading and saving of motion point cloud data files into C# or any .net application.

There will be a 3ds Max plugin for this coming soon!

For more information, please check out the project page.
The source code can be found here

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